In recent years, TAIHE Power Group has been awarded the title of ‘Excellent Supplier’ by a number of power industry companies for its excellent product quality, perfect service system and strong brand strength. This is not only the affirmation of our past efforts, but also the expectation of future
2024/04/28 16:16
In April of late spring, hundreds of flowers compete with each other, and everything recovers. Taihe Power Group continues to uphold the original intention, with high-quality products and efficient service, do not stop, do not stop, and work together to create good results. Through the joint
2024/04/25 09:19
On 27 March, Taihe Power Group held the 2024 Work Conference on Work Safety and the Mobilisation and Deployment Meeting of the Three-Year Action Plan for Work Safety Governance to convey the spirit of the documents related to work safety from the higher level, inform the Group of the work on safety
2024/03/28 13:56
On 11th March 2024, Chint Electric Group's purchasing department, technical department, R&D manager, quality inspection department and process department visited Taihe Electric Power Group for 550kV technical exchange meeting, accompanied by Zhang Shumin, chairman of the group, and Wang David,
2024/03/13 11:13
"A stone is laid for a thousand autumns, and ten thousand people make a hundred generations of work".On 26th February 2024, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new intelligent industrial park project of Taihe Electric Power Group was successfully held, and it also participated in the first
2024/02/27 14:25
In order to solidly carry out a good safety production start "the first lesson" activities, to prevent the resumption of production safety accidents during the resumption of production, hosted by the Provincial Emergency Department, Tai'an City Emergency Response Bureau, Taishan District People's
2024/02/20 16:25
The flying of the dragon flying the flying of the future --Taihe Electric Power Group "Family and Enterprise Hand in Hand, Creating the Future Together" Staff's Family Open Day Activity Successfully HeldToday starts a different journeyWalking with you on the road I walk every dayTo show you the
2024/02/18 14:45
On 13th January 2024, Taihe Power Group held the 2024 work deployment conference to plan and deploy the work in 2024 with respect to the 3+9+1 requirements put forward in the 2023 year-end conference. At the same time, call and mobilise all staff to emancipate their minds, seize the opportunity,
2024/01/18 11:47
Farewell to 2023, look back on the breakthrough extraordinary year; Step into 2024, prepare for the dragon time. On December 31, 2023, Taihe Power Group solemnly held the 2023 annual summary Conference and year-end ceremony of "Gathering momentum and seeking win-win situation".Comrade Zhang Shumin
2024/01/11 13:44
Industrial enterprises achieved operating income of 268.01 billion yuan, an increase of 0.3% year-on-year, and a total profit of 12.72 billion yuan...... Recently, the municipal Bureau of Statistics announced that from January to November last year, the operation of industrial enterprises in our
2024/01/11 13:34
On December 12, 2023, President Lee, Vice President Cao, Vice President Kim and Vice President Kwon of Korea Dillon Power Jurassic Association visited Taihe Power Group, accompanied by Mr. Zhang Shumin, Chairman of Taihe Power Group, and General Managers of branches Taihe Power Equipment Co.The two
2023/12/13 17:39
On the morning of April 6, Taian second-level inspector, the city's power transmission equipment and wire and cable industry chain deputy chain director Dong Shiwu, Taian Science and Technology Bureau party secretary Yang Jianquan, Taian Science and Technology Bureau deputy director Sun Yingsheng,
2023/08/24 11:06