Tai'an on the Production Line
2024/01/30 15:39
Safe production has always been the most basic management regulation of Taihe Power Group. The essence of safe production is to prevent various accidents during the production process. Safety work is the lifeline and happiness line of the company. If a company blindly pursues quality and progress
2023/08/18 11:53
In midsummer and July, the fire-like season, everything is so vibrant. In the production workshop of Taihe Electric Machinery Manufacturing Department, there is a busy scene. On various production lines such as CNC machining, the processed parts are being sent to the downstream process continuously
2023/08/18 11:52
On April 15, Zhang Feng, chairman of Shandong Electric Hitachi High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd., visited and guided Taihe Power Group. Xu Jiazhong, deputy chief engineer, Xing Huaijin, director of the quality control department, and Fang Fang, deputy director of the purchasing department, also
2023/08/02 09:31
At 9 a.m. on April 22, Comrade Huang Tao, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the District CPPCC Party Committee, led a team to conduct a special survey on "promoting the construction of new industrialization and boosting the high-quality development of the region's economy" to the China-Korea
2023/08/02 09:11
Tai'an City's new industrialization and strong city strategy has sounded the clarion call for high-quality development in Tai'an City. Especially since the establishment of the power transmission and transformation and wire and cable industry chain in Tai'an City, Taihe Power, as one of them, has
2022/04/01 11:51