CYD-4 Hydraulic Disc Spring Operating Mechanism (Complete)

1.The mechanism uses disc springs as the energy storage medium and hydraulic oil as the transmission medium, making it easy to obtain high pressure and compact in structure;

2.The opening and closing operations rely on hydraulic transmission, with low operating noise and smooth buffering;

3.High operating power, high closing and opening speed, fast action, and sensitive response;

4.Integrated pipeline design

5.Composition of six modules

6.The requirements for complex manufacturing processes, materials, and processing accuracy are particularly high

7.The installation structure is simple, and the body and hydraulic mechanism are directly connected

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Product Details

Product Description

The CYD-4 series hydraulic disc spring operating mechanism uses disc springs as energy storage components. The disc springs have excellent force characteristics, are not affected by environmental temperature, store a large amount of energy, and have smooth force characteristics. Its structure adopts an integrated module design without pipeline connection. Adopting advanced sealing structure design, advanced dynamic and static sealing system, and internal integrated hydraulic buffer system, the system has high pressure, compact and compact structure, high operating power, and stable and reliable performance. Mainly suitable for high voltage and high current applications in 252kV-1000KV voltage level GIS and tank circuit breakers.

Product Technical Parameters

1.The operating work of opening the gate under the pressure of locking: 5400-5800J

2. Closing operation work under closing blocking pressure: 2200J

3. Motor rated voltage DC220V/AC220V or DC110V/AC110

4. Rated motor power: 470W-660W

5. Rated voltage breaking energy storage time <34s

6. Rated voltage closing energy storage time<16s

7. Mechanism stroke 230±1mm

8. Safety valve starting pressure 81.5±1MPa

9. Closing blocking pressure 47±1MPa

10. Split-brake blocking pressure 37.5±1MPa

Application Scenario

General: Indoor/Outdoor

Surrounding air humidity: upper limit+60 ℃, lower limit -30 ℃.

The altitude does not exceed 3000m.

Wind pressure not exceeding 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s)

No fire, explosion hazard, severe pollution, corrosive gas, or severe vibration.

Special: Can be customized according to actual needs, such as high altitude, low temperature, hot, humid, etc.


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