LW56 Series SF6 Circuit Breaker

1.Zero sequence voltage transformer

2.Zero sequence current mutual inductance

3.Control unit (box/hood type)

4.Connecting cables

5.Rotating arc extinguishing

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Product Details

Product Description

It has a rotating arc extinguishing method that utilizes the electromagnetic force generated by the current flowing in the main circuit of the switch to cut off the current, reducing the burden on the operating mechanism.

The shell is formed by hydraulic expansion with 1500 air pressures, with the smallest welding length and the strongest circular shape to withstand internal and external pressure, thus maintaining high accuracy and high quality.

LW56 Series SF6 Circuit Breaker

Product Technical Parameters

1.Rated voltage: 12KV

2.Rated current: 630A

3.Rated short time withstand current: 20KA

4.Rated short time withstand time: 4 seconds

5.Rated making current: 50KA

Application Scenario

1.Altitude ≤ 3000m

2.Environmental temperature: -40 ℃ -+50 ℃ 

3.Maximum wind speed: 35m/s (wind pressure not exceeding 700Pa)

4. Seismic resistance: seismic intensity not exceeding 8 degrees 5. Pollution level: Level IV

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