CT32 Direct Connection Fast Ground Operating Mechanism(Out Door In HGIS)

The forward and reverse function of the motor, the clutch and the worm gear drive ensure the closing and opening position of the mechanism as well as the output angle. The mechanism has both manual and electric functions.

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Product abstract

The CT32 operating mechanism can be used to close and open ZF10-126, ZF5T-126, ZF12-126, ZF4A-126, ZF31-126, ZF21-126, ZF29-126, ZF25-126, ZF39-126, ZF35-126, ZF34-252, as well as disconnecting, earthing and load switches. The required torque is comparable to that of the above mentioned switches.

The closing and opening positions and output angles of the mechanism are ensured by a clutch and worm gearing through the forward and reverse function of the motor. The mechanism has both manual and electric functions.

Operating conditions

1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -40.

2. Altitude: not more than 3,000 meters.

3. Barometric pressure: not more than 700Pa (equivalent to an air velocity of 34m/s).

4. Average monthly humidity: not more than 90%.

5. air pollution level: not exceeding Class IV as stipulated in GB5582.

6. Seismic acceleration: not more than 0.4g horizontally, 0.2g vertically.

Main technical parameters

1. Output angle: 65±2° (can be customized according to user requirements).

2. Maximum torque during opening (closing) is 174N m.

3. spring output closing (opening) power is 169~244J.

4. Technical parameters of storage motor



Rated working voltage


Rated output power of motor


Normal working voltage range


5. CSK magnetic explosion-proof switch

One opening and one closing (or two opening and two closing), the rated breaking current of the contacts is 10A at AC220V and 3A at DC220V.

6. Contactors

Model No. 3TH4244E; producer: Siemens; supply voltage: DC220V (AC220V); contacts: 4-open, 4-closed.

7. Wiring Terminals

10A continuous current.

8. F10 Auxiliary Switch

The rated breaking current of the contacts is 10A at AC220V and 5A at DC220V.

9. Auxiliary Socket

24-pin, 46-pin, 56-pin, and 64-pin secondary receptacles are available.

Ordering instructions

For other special requirements, please consult with the manufacturer for production.

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