CT32 Direct Connection Fast Ground Operating Mechanism(Indoor)

The mechanism adopts the direct connection transmission mode, which can ensure the output angle, output torque and technical parameters such as the opening and closing time of the mechanism, and there is a opening and closing buffer system inside the mechanism, adopting the miniaturised spring-operated mechanism, which is compact, and the mechanism can be operated in single-phase, and can also be externally connected to realise the mechanical linkage of three-phase. Due to the various voltage levels of switchgear responsible for different mechanical characteristics of different requirements, the spring design wire diameter is different, using assembly type assembly, through the adjustment of the bolt to adjust the compression of the spring.

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Product Details

With fast grounding function, at the same time with manual, electric

With slow split and slow close function. Adopt direct connection transmission method

Realise locking and unlocking function, mechanical locking function

Reliable quality, stable performance, diversified product forms

The quality is reliable, the performance is stable, and the product form is diversified.

General: Indoor/Outdoor

Ambient air humidity: upper limit +60℃, lower limit -30℃.

Altitude not exceeding 3000m.

Wind pressure not exceeding 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s)

No fire, explosion danger, serious filth, no corrosive gas, no violent vibration occasions.

Special: can be customised according to actual requirements, e.g. high altitude, low temperature, heat, humidity, etc.

Closing power 120-252N-m (both available)

Closing power 120-252N-m (both available)

Output angle 60-90°(both available)

Voltage range DC110V, DC125, DC220V

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