ZHW1-145 Special Mechanism for Circuit Breaker(Outdoor products)

Product Features

1. Small size and compact structure of the mechanism; stable closing work, high reliability; long mechanical life (up to 10,000 times or more).

2. Adopting the whole cast aluminum alloy mechanism frame, with light quality and good rigidity.

3. The overall design structure is simple; high degree of integration, low number of parts; high transmission efficiency.The transmission link of the mechanism is a two-axis and three-wheel structure, i.e. energy storage shaft, output shaft and ratchet, cam and roller, with small component size, few intermediate links and high transmission efficiency.

4. High processing precision of spare parts, stable and reliable overall quality. All important parts are CNC machined, bearings are imported, and the mechanism box is made of stainless steel. All these ensure that the mechanism can be operated reliably for more than ten years and the number of operations reaches tens of thousands of times.

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Product Details

Product Features

1. Can realize manual and electric energy storage.                     

2. It can realize manual and electric closing and closing function.

3. Can realize the function of slow opening and closing.

4. Can allow automatic reclosing.

5. With mechanical anti-tripping device.

Usage Scenarios

General: Indoor/Outdoor

Ambient air humidity: upper limit +60℃, lower limit -30℃.

Altitude not exceeding 3000m.

Wind pressure not exceeding 700Pa (equivalent to a wind speed of 34m/s)

No fire, explosion danger, serious filth, no corrosive gas, no violent vibration occasions.

Special: can be customized according to the actual needs, such as: high altitude, low temperature, heat, humidity, etc.

Organizational parameters

Output Angle 43°-45° .      

Output stroke 98-100mm.       

Installation mode: horizontal, vertical.

Inverted mounting output mode: horizontal, vertical.

Side output torque:              

Splitting power: 1709-1784J  

Closing power: 3621±300J.

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