35kV On-load Tap-changer

It is suitable for Y-junction neutral point voltage regulation and single-phase voltage regulation in any part. It is characterized by large opening and closing capacity, long contact life, high working reliability and wide range of application, especially multi-level linear regulation and multi-level coarse and fine regulation.

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Product Description

The THVM on-load tap-changer is suitable for voltage regulation of power transformers or industrial transformers with rated voltages of 35 kV, 63 kV, 110 kV, 150 kV and 220 kV, with a maximum rated through-current of 800 A for three-phase and 1500 A for single-phase, and with a frequency of 50 Hz, by means of a change of the tap position of the regulating coil under load. The THVM on-load tap-changer is a combined on-load tap-changer, consisting of a diverter switch and a tap selector, featuring a large breaking capacity, long contact life, high reliability and a wide range of applications, especially multi-stage linear regulation and multi-stage coarse and fine regulation, and is suitable for use in metallurgy, the chemical industry and other industrial transformers with a wide range of demand for regulating voltage.

Technical Parameters

1.Maximum rated passing current /A:600A

2.Rated frequency /Hz:50-60

3.Number of phases and connection method:Three-phase Y connection; Single-phase arbitrary connection.

4.Maximum stage voltage /V:40000

5.Rated capacity /kVA:1500

6.Withstand short circuit ability /kA:

6.1Thermostabilization /3s virtual value:9

6.2Dynamic stability / peak value:20

7.Number of working positions:Standard design: the maximum linear tone is 17 levels, and the maximum positive and negative tone or coarse and fine tone is 35 levels.

8.Main insulation level /kV

8.1Highest voltage for equipment:126

8.2Power frequency voltage(50Hz1min):230

8.3Impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50μs):550

9.Tap selector:According to its insulation level, it is divided into four grades: B, C, D and DE.

10.Mechanical life/ten thousand times:150

11.Electrical life/ten thousand times:30

12.Switch oil chamber

12.1Working pressure:30kPa

12.2Sealability:60kPa 24h and 133Pa Vacuum leak-free.

12.3Overpressure protection:Blasting cover 300±20% kPa Overpressure blasting.

12.4Gas relay:Set oil speed 1m/s±10%

13.Equipped with electric mechanism:DJ-I

14.Oil discharge of tap changer /L:195 ~ 265

15.Oil filling amount of tap changer /L:130 ~ 190

16.Tap changer weight /kg

16.1Non-waiting conversion selector:250

16.2Selector to be converted:270

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