CJ55 Single-phase Isolation Operating Mechanism(Outdoor Model)

1.The mechanism adopts four-stage transmission and deceleration function, stable and reliable transmission, miniaturized design, convenient for on-site maintenance, small volume, light weight, and at the same time with manual and electric.

2.It has the function of slow division and slow closing. Realize locking, unlocking function, mechanical locking function, reliable quality, stable performance.

3.The number of turning angle is large (can realize straight line turning angle isolated turning angle)

4.Low noise of mechanism action

5.High precision requirement for parts processing

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Product Details

Product Description

The CJ55 two station operating mechanism is a mechanism that can achieve linear isolation and corner isolation. The supporting mechanism is suitable for the voltage level of 550KV. The overall structure assembly of the mechanism is simple, the operation is reliable, and it can quickly achieve the opening and closing operation of the mechanism. The mechanism has both manual and electric functions, and currently it can meet the requirements proposed by the Southern Power Grid and the State Grid, such as the "one key sequential control" function, mechanical locking function, and the State Grid's 18 countermeasures

Product Technical Parameters

1. The output angles of the mechanism are 3273±2°, 1050±2° and 714±2°.

2. Closing time under rated voltage<1.5s

3. Rated voltage breaking time<1s

4.Operating power 60N-120N

Application Scenarios

 Ambient temperature: -40~55℃; average daily temperature difference≤35℃.

 Installation place: indoor, outdoor.

 Relative humidity: average daily humidity ≤95%; average monthly humidity ≤90%.

 Air turbidity: no more than Class III in GB5582.

 Seismic capacity (seismic acceleration): horizontal direction ≤ 0.3g; vertical direction ≤ 0.15g.

 Altitude: ≤3000m.

 Maximum wind speed: ≤40m/s

Intensity of sunshine: ≤0.1W/c㎡.

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