LW62S-252 Three Phase Linkage Spring Operating Mechanism

1.The spring mechanism of the circuit breaker adopts three-stage transmission and deceleration function, which makes the transmission reliable and stable; at the same time, it has the functions of manual, electric, and slow splitting and slow closing;

2.The whole structure is arranged symmetrically in the center, and the installation mode of vertical and horizontal is available.

3.The mechanism can be output from the center position or from the side, there are two ways.

4.The closing springs are arranged in parallel symmetrical structure. 

5.The whole oil buffer of the mechanism is used for closing and closing, and the end can be fine-tuned with buffer function.

6.The tripping unit of the mechanism adopts three-stage release device.

7.Vertical independent double-split structure is adopted for the mechanism slamming solenoid.

8.Overall modular design, compact structure, easy maintenance.


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Product Details

Product Description

The CTD-III spring mechanism is a high-power three-phase mechanical operating mechanism that uses springs as energy storage components. The energy storage of the spring is achieved through the rotation device of the motor and the transmission of various gears, and is maintained in the energy storage state through the energy storage and maintenance system. When disconnected, the energy storage and maintenance is released by the magnetic force of the electromagnetic coil, causing the spring to release energy, and the contact to move through the mechanical transmission unit, Thus achieving the opening and closing operation of the circuit breaker switch. Its structure forms a symmetrical arrangement, with high operational power, simple structure, low transmission loss, high stability and reliability.

At present, the institution is mainly used in single-phase linkage operated circuit breakers, high-voltage SF6 circuit breakers, and fully enclosed switchgear (GIS) with voltage levels of 220KV and 550KV. Its performance meets the requirements of GB1984 "AC High Voltage Circuit Breakers", IEC56 "High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers", and the "Technical Conditions" of this product.

Product Technical Parameters

1. Closing output power: 8700±200J

2. Rated power of motor: 900W

3. Rated voltage of motor: AC220V/DC220V

4. Rated voltage energy storage time: ≤15s

5. Output angle of the mechanism: 43°±1°.

6. Stroke of the organization: 110±1mm.

7. Roller and cam clearance on the main crutch arm: 2.5±0.3mm.

Application Scenarios

1. Place of use: indoor and outdoor.

2. Ambient air temperature: -30℃~+40℃.

3. Relative humidity: not greater than 90%.

4. Earthquake intensity: not more than 9 degrees.

5. External Insulation Filth Level: Class Ⅲ.

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