CJ8-6 Common Box GIS Grounding and Isolation Switch Special Three-station Operating Mechanism

CJ8 series three-position actuator is an integrated isolation and grounding mechanism, which is suitable for 35KV-220KV voltage level. CJ8 series three-position mechanism can operate one isolation switch and one grounding switch in one mechanism, and at the same time, it has three kinds of working devices: grounding/closing/isolating, and both grounding and isolating switch, which simplifies the structure of the equipment, and improves the stability of the operation of the equipment. Stability of operation, the mechanism to realize the function of isolation switch closing, splitting and grounding switch closing, splitting, the main role of the mechanism in the substation site for isolation operation to ensure the normal transmission operation of the substation, grounding operation to ensure that the site repair and maintenance, and more reliable to ensure the personal safety of the site personnel, the mechanism at the same time has a manual, electric current mechanism to meet the South China Network, the State Grid put forward the requirements, for example "One key to smooth control" function, the State Grid eighteen countermeasures, the realization of the locking, unlocking function, mechanical locking function, the South China Network 56, with a slow split slow closing function, etc.

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Product Details

Output torque 100-252N-m (both available)
Output angle 60-300°(both available)
Voltage range DC110V, DC125, DC220V

General: Indoor/Outdoor
Ambient air humidity: upper limit +60℃, lower limit -30℃.
Altitude not exceeding 3000m.
Wind pressure not exceeding 700Pa (equivalent to a wind speed of 34m/s)
No fire, explosion danger, serious filth, no corrosive gas, no violent vibration occasions.
Special: can be customized according to the actual needs, such as: high altitude, low temperature, heat, humidity, etc.

CJ8-6 Common Box GIS Grounding and Isolation Switch Special Three-station Operating Mechanism

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